D700 - Where to go next?

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Re: Huge file sizes


Yep, they're bigger. I remember my first digital camera - 4mp - and thinking about how big those sizes were.

Then I started getting into video a bit, and I quit worrying much about file size and just bought (much) bigger hard drives. I have a lot of computers anyway, and I build my own, so adding a different size hard drive, or replacing a smaller one, isn't of any concern.

Lightroom - I wish I felt like taking the time to really know it, or had a friend teach it to me for a few hours. I've been using CaptureNX2 for quite a while, and CaptureNX before that. (Photoshop before that, which was just too much of a pain for a casual post-processor).

I will say that Lightroom seems very much quicker than CaptureNX2 in dealing with D800e files. It's the one reason I want to get to know it better.

Hi Craig,

just switched to Lightroom from Aperture. It is very good at handling D800 files.

I found Scott Kelbys book on Lightroom 5 easy and essential reading. Helped me a lot.

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