Who's eagerly awaiting the rumoured Sony MF mirrorless?

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Re: Who's eagerly awaiting the rumoured Sony MF mirrorless?

Godfrey wrote:

jkspepper wrote:

and considering dumping the A7R for it?

If Sony do make a medium format mirrorless and 80mm lens, my A7R and 55mm is gone.

As I wrote on another forum ...

If Sony comes out with something like the Hasselblad SWC, that is, a fixed-lens, niche camera that is extraordinary and compelling on some front that I find motivating, I'll be interested. If they just come out with another "Texas Leica" analogue (that is, like a big version of an RX1 with a relatively normal lens), well, there are limits to how much better than what I have already I need/want, and at what price.

In 2002, I traded off my entire Leica M kit to buy a Hasselblad 903SWC. For several months, I used it as my only camera. It was such a memorable experience that even after I sold it to expand my kit in other directions, I missed it a lot, to the point of buying another one last year. Like the Leica M Monochrom, it's the singular, specialist nature of such a camera that attracts me. The constraints of using it provoke me to explore seeing in different ways.

At the moment, I live in a surfeit of equipment choices. There are times when I find that expansion of choice a significant burden and wish for a simpler kit again. There are other times I celebrate it, find it compelling. Right now it's compelling, which is why the SWC has been sitting idle for a while and there are three lenses and the A7 on my desk all the time.

I'll keep watching from the sidelines as this latest Sony creation comes to be. It would be wonderful to have an all-digital equivalent of the Hasselblad SWC to work with.

If the SWC worked well with a digital back, I'd just get that. But there are no digital backs that preserve the original format OR work particularly well with the Biogon 38mm lens design.

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Oh my god you just hit on something that excites me to no end.  A MF fixed lens (80mm, ~50mm) equivalent camera like a RX1 steroids would be awesome.  I'll snap that up in a second!

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