☾ The chinese moon landing was a fake ! ☽

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Re: ☾ The chinese moon landing was a fake ! ☽

Marcamera wrote:

Joe186 wrote:

Marcamera wrote:

If a country with many racists...

Yeah sure. I guess that’s why my paycheck gets a third of it chopped out. ‘Cause we really hate minorities.

When you discuss an argument, do you try to find a connection in what you are saying with what is being discussed ? Or, is it too much to ask for?

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The connection is obvious. A third of my paycheck is automatically confiscated. Minorities get an inappropriately large offering of free help, which is commonly known to be exploited. Although, I can only hope it helps more of those who really need it, than it hurts us honest, hardworking, middle class taxpayers. 

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