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Re: point and shoot vs FF

D Cox wrote:

Eric Nepean wrote:

Its a very good question .. there is a spectrum of options available.

- APS-C Mirrorless system - Sony

- Micro 4/3 Mirrorless system - Panasonic, Olympus

- Bridge Cameras e.g. Panasonic FZ200 25-600mm f2.8 Constant Aperture

- Large Sensor (1/1.7) Point & Shoot - e.g. Canon G16

- Large Sensor Camera Phones - Nokia 1020

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One more -- full frame Mirrorless (Sony only so far)

I think it depends on two things - how big are you going to print, and do you want to shoot night scenes. Both of these would push the choice toward a larger (but not necessarily the largest) sensor.

For me, print size, rendition, and PP flexibility is the photographer's tradeoff, but I also consider the circumstances and companions even with a DSLR. When my primary interest on a trip or excursion is photography, I bring whatever I think will capture the best shot - body(ies), glass, tripod, etc. But, when there are other considerations, I can be flexible too. For example, when we took two granddaughters to the Galapagos last year, since the trip was more about them than me as a photographer, my primary lens was an 18-250 - still versatile with decent IQ, no lens changes, etc. I also brought a few small primes. I've hiked the Kalalau trail with an SLR, a 35mm P&S, several DSLRs, and a digital P&S. My best shots were with the DSLRs and tripod, but I probably had the most fun about 15 years ago with carrying just a 35mm P&S (weatherproof Pentax IQ 90 zoom).

Bottom line, for me at least there is no one answer that works for all situations - it depends!

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