D800: focus setting for wildlife

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Re: A Further Q For Lance

Lucky Sky wrote:


A friend of mine's experience seems to mirror what you've seen..........Think I'll stick with Dynamic 21 Point.

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Lucky Sky
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The more focus points you use the more slight delay there is achieving focus. On the other hand the slower you are to get on the bird with the centre focus point or the more wobble you have when doing so (lots to begin with) the better the larger focus group will help you.

My advice is pick a focus group that is just larger than the whole bird in flight. This may vary therefore on size of bird or distance, but it is the best compromise between catching the bird before it is flying away from you and missing lock completely.

If you practise a lot then you will find the focus group can get smaller until even single point is doable. Also the quicker you can get onto a bird the longer you can track it in. This helps the AF to estimate the change of distance better giving sharper picture.  Eventually with single point you will be able to select the birds head as the focus point.

All this takes time and patience.... grasshopper

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