70D Multiple exposures

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Re: 70D Multiple exposures (AEB)

lec log wrote:

Update: 2

I think this explains it a bit better. Hope that's not against the rules.

Finally got things going along pretty well with 7 different exposures producing 7 images of same scene, all going off right after another with a continuous drive setting. But now, somehow there are 7 copies of each of the 7 exposures. 7x7 ends up with 49 images!. WHAT THE! By scrolling through the 49 images every 7th click of the wheel brings up the next exposure level, etc.

So they're all there, but 7 copies of each exposure.

i.e. 7at 0, 7 at -2, 7at -1 etc, etc.

Any suggestions,guesses would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Do you still have multiple exposure and exposure bracketing turned on?

You just want exposure bracketing. Turn off multiple exposure.

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