Any Reason to get D5300 over A6000?

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Re: Any Reason to get D5300 over A6000?

Jkim7 wrote:

wb2trf wrote:

Right now the only thing missing on the A6000 are native long lenses >200mm. If you want to get something long with image stabilization you have to get an LA-EA2 adapter and a non-Sony IS lens. The long A mounts from Sony won't give you IS. If I thought that was very important, and that issue was bigger for me than all the A6000 advantages, of size and probably better AF and video, I'd get the 5300. Substantively, except for its bulk and the fact that you are collecting the wrong lenses for the long term, the 5300 is also a great camera. (In the long term collecting F mount lenses is going to be something everyone is going to want to escape from, but there's a few years left yet before that becomes totally obvious.)

Personally I don't subscribe to the "one sensor (camera) many lenses" model anymore, however. I think it is pretty obsolete. For long zoom reach I use a superzoom because the shooting I do with that is all in bright light where sensor size doesn't matter much. The whole camera costs less than a decent long lens for APS-C and gives good results with more fun.

You bring up a really good point about the super zooms. So I'm heavily leaning on the A6000 now and the ONLY reason I'm wavering is the fact about the lack of 200mm+ lens. I'm going on some African safaris this Summer and am a little nervous that 55-210 Sony won't be enough reach, although many people say it will since cars can get pretty close to animals and such. However, the 200+ range would be reassuring.

So maybe getting something like the Panasonic DMC-LZ40K super zoom would be a good idea, giving me a reach of 900mm and it only costs $250ish. Do you think that super zoom camera would have similar quality images (looking at it from a retina computer screen) in the middle 500mm-ish ranges as I would at the longer end of the 210 range of the Sony? Didn't word it so well but I hope you understand what I mean.

Wish Sony had a native e mount 70-400mm OSS. I want a fast camera for airshows and the A6000 seems great in AF, FPS, with decent buffer. I ended up buying the Nikon D7100 to go with the Nikon 80-400mm. But the D7100's spec is no where as good as the A6000.

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