Who's eagerly awaiting the rumoured Sony MF mirrorless?

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Me, big time, but...

I'm not at all certain about dumping my A7r yet.

For me, a lot will have to do with just what sort of animal this new beast will be. I have a Pentax 645N and several lenses plus a flash. I could be interested in the new Pentax CMOS camera if the price is reachable. I would go that direction if the Sony camera has the same basic MF form factor.

If, otoh, the Sony is more like a Mamiya 7, Fuji 645 , Bronica 645, or similar style and size, then I would probably lean that way if the price could stay around $4-6K. And for this camera I could probably live with a fixed lens or a mid range zoom---something in the 28-70 equiv FL. Slow is ok, 99% of my shooting is stopped down for max DOF. I would also hope they keep it relatively simple: think A850. I'd be on that camera instantly, maybe even pre-order.

I have a Fuji GSW690II , and it remains one of my favorite all time cameras to shoot with. Key positive aspects are the leaf shutter and the size---that size allows for stable hand holding at amazingly slow speeds without any stabilization.

And here's the funny thing about the size---in weird ways even that big Fuji (the "Texas Leica") was easy to carry around, almost easier than my DSLR's.  The Sony, if it is what I think it might be, won't be nearly as large---really great walk around camera, street shooter's dream.  And for most people it doesn't register as a big camera, so it's stealthy as a rangefinder.  But now with added landscape capabilities.

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