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Welcome Photo W. You got a wonderful camera. X trans photos simply have a unique look and feel that transcends the sum of it's parts (or charts). There are a few here who have a problem with X trans for whatever reasons. But like many, when you see the photos you perceive those unique qualities, a mixture of the colors and sharpness, the way it captures the actual environment. Some may not perceive it, others may perceive it and don't like it anyway.

Watch out for those who say they are Fuji fans in a big way. Ask them specifically if they like X trans, the very direction of the company they say they love.

Now, if you want to be blown away, head over to Fliker and search groups for X trans, and get ready for tens of thousands of incredible shots. Search the XF 23mm, the XF 14, the 35, the 55-200 lenses. These thousands of photos clearly prove what a special too Fuji has created, and you have seen this for yourself in your own photos already.

It truly is an X trans universe, and I am proud to be a fanboy. It's okay to be a fanboy if your object of desire is the best.

Maybe a slight loss of sense of perspective here ?

I mean, I'm thoroughly satisfied with the xtrans sensor: the x pro 1 for me has become the digital equivalent of my Leica M6, since digital Leica prices are vastly out of my range.

The size-weight / IQ ratio of the x pro one is nothing short of stunning. But come on, I also get amazing results from my 5DIII. I also got to use a D800 a few times : can this camera also deliver in terms of IQ !

Fuji cameras are truly excellent, and with ergonomics I'm particularly fond of. But unique ?

In my opinion, uniqueness has more to do with what is in front of the camera and who is behind the camera, than the camera itself...

Oh yeah, very unique to me and many others. The colors ALONE make them unique to me and many. And yeah, somewhat overblown because it fun to toy with the X trans haters.

me ? A xtrans hater ? I must have misunderstood the definition of the word hate !

As for colors, sorry to disagree. In my opinion, the canon 5d3 has slightly better awb than the fuji. Of course, this is easily equalized in post, but the fact remains that in my eyes the canon is a bit better in out of camera color rendition.

and at high ISO, the canon wins hands down, both for IQ and AF. But that should be expected: larger sensor, and not the same price either !

Now when it comes to street photgraphy, the fuji is miles ahead, with its loads of IQ in a small inconspicuous package. Also, I prefer the x pro 1 traditional ergonomics.

And again cameras are not unique : photographers are, I mean, a very few of them

You?  No, not seen your postings.  I was talking about Graham/Photophool/Chanthis

And I disgree about cams being unique, and a couple others just agreed, from sensor onwards through colors and gain and such a camera can have it's unique way of showing itself, we'll have to agree to disagree there.

Also disagree about color on Canon.  While warm and nice, I don't believe either Fuji or Canon are very ACCURATE, and I notice you assume that accuracy is THE benchmark while not mentioning PLEASING.  Can you see that many might not agree with your base standard of judging color?  Notice how YOU defined for us the ground rules, then gave your opinion on Canon.

Having owned the 5D2, I can say the Fuji x-E1 is hands down better in most every way, beter resolution, colors, high iso (and notice I didn't say the ground rules for this, so I will, better meaning the look of noise in Fuji being more film like when present, better shadow noise  without the banding, AMOUNT of noise is not on top in my ground rules, the look of the noise is).

Knowing that many people say the 5D3 is not much different image quality than the 5D2, i would say that with my rules, the Fuji is better than even the 5D3, which from what I hear still has old sensor technology.   So again, we will have to agree to disagree.

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