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Ray Sachs
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Re: XT1 - Truly Superior IQ -Inane thread

guitarjeff wrote:

If that'/s what's bothering you then you should know that these types of remarks are COMPLETELY aimed at the hater trolls who hang out in this forum for the purpose of trashing x trans. Of course I know it is not an X trans universe, this is to tweak the haters and I will continue to do that as long as they are here for their twisted reasons.

I tend to assume that if someone writes or says something (unless the sarcasm is really obvious), that it's what they mean. I will try to remember from here on out that when you say over the top things like some of those that your intention is merely sarcasm and I'll stay out of it. I try to stay out of personal pi$$ing matches online anyway but I do sometimes try to jump in on the content. I probably shouldn't...

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