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Re: Can you tell them apart? X-Trans and GX7 shots (and others)...

Ray Sachs wrote:

guitarjeff wrote:

Again, you are asking us to DEFINE art in a way.

No I'm not. I'm asking those who believe the X-trans sensors render in a totally unique and superior way to back that up.

This would be meaningful IF ALL ASPECTS OF photography were math with ZERO feel. Let's go to the Flikre groups of say, the 5D3 and the X trans group, there is one that has 67,000 photos. Show me hundreds from each, and I believe I could tell you which is which.

But what's the use of that if YOU or I or anyone else can produce photos that look more or less indistinguishable (based on camera gear) from a variety of gear, INCLUDING the obviously superior X-Trans and obviously inferior m43?

So again the simple question--Are you saying there can be NOTHING unique about the way a sensor and it's electronics/gain/noise/colors and such shows itself? That's the more fundamental question than posting a half dozen pics and asking people which is X trans.

No, I'm not saying that there's NOTHING unique about the way Fuji goes about pulling images off of a sensor. I'm just saying it's RELATIVELY unimportant next to a lot of other factors. That I can make my photos look the way I want them to look with X-Trans or without. And so could you if you wanted to.

I love Fuji gear. I'm neither particularly positive nor negative toward X-Trans - it didn't cause me to buy Fuji (it sort of did with the X-Pro but that was before I understood what Fuji was doing with ISO claims) and it definitely didn't prevent me from buying Fuji. I love their bodies and lenses and the sensors are right there in the pack of great sensors today. I do really love their jpegs but I rarely shoot jpegs because they don't hold up under processing the way raw files do.

And I put up 20 btw. Thanks for looking...

We judge photographers by the photographs we see. We judge cameras by the photographs we miss - Haim Zamir

And I am saying that is NOT UNIMPORTANT to man people who bought in to X trans.  You seem to be thinking that many of us are saying that other cameras can't take pleasing photos.  I am not saying this.  I think we agree that X trans may have a unique way of showing itself, and to many that is important and is a reason and maybe the main reason they bought the system.

As far as me tweaking and fighting back against these x trans hater/trolls that constantly look to bash it, that's the way I do things and I apologize if you took it the wrong way. But I will continue with these statements such as "it's an x trans universe" and "I am proud to be a fanboy" (which I am) as long as they bash x trans.

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