XT1 - Truly Superior IQ

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Re: XT1 - Truly Superior IQ -Inane thread

Ger Horgan wrote:

"I compared pictures of the GX7 with my XT1 with similar settings. In every case, the XT1 pictures were visibly superior. Better sharpness and better color rendition. My experience with the GX7 was that it has trouble taking truly sharp pictures.

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Sorry I cannot take this guy seriously .. A simple question why did he buy a GX7 in the first place ?




Good point Gerry.  So do you perceive or did you see something unique in the many X trans photos you must have looked at before you purchased?  Trying to figure out here if it's possible for there to be something pleasing and unique about the way Fuji X trans shows it colors or rendering possibly because of it's electronics and such.

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