A7R with Samyang 14mm f/2.8 Samples

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Re: A7R with Samyang 14mm f/2.8 Samples

Ben Raven wrote:


Beautiful shots ! Have also been considering it for A7r.

Where did you buy it ?

B&H - about $350

Did you apply any pp fixes on these posted pics for its known distortion and/or vignetting ? If you did, what did you use and how --what degree of coverage loss did you find if corrected for distortion ?

I PP'd using Photomatix (from 3 images) and LR5.3. I used a common lens profile in LR (for this lens) to correct for the known mustache distortion (which is a complex type of barrel distortion in the centre of the image), but nothing to correct the edge colours or smearing which are not a problem (unlike RF UWA lenses), and there was no vignetting at f8-f16 where I was using this. I have tested the rangefinder lenses on the A7R and this has none of those magenta edges or smearing. Samyang 14mm lens image quality on the A7R is exactly same as on a regular FF DSLR.

How about performance -- it has gotten literally raves for center area performance, how about overall image ? These certainly look super. Have you used it for any interiors, or building shots ?

Performance is excellent at f8-f16 where I use this lens for wider DOF anyway. It's not usable at f2.8, and just okay at f4. It gets very sharp around at around f5.6. My challenge with this lens is to get sharp edges and corners, which is a bit tricky, but doable. Composing with MF assist (magnification) in Liveview, certainly makes it easy. The distance scales on the Samyang lenses are notorious for being off, so I compose with MF assist in Liveview on the near foreground points of interest, and choose f8 to f16 depending on how critical the background sharpness is.

How do you feel about the size, weight, balance, and focus feel ? I myself am not discouraged by going for a larger lens if it gives me the image quality I seek (and can afford).

It's a bit large on the A7/R, but compared to some other good UWA adapted lenses like the Nikon 14-24 or Alpha 16-35 or Canon 17-40 or 16-35 it is a lot smaller and much, much lighter. Unfortunately Samyang has not tailored these lenses for the mirrorless cameras, and instead just added hollow section of length at the mount end to account for the difference in focal plane to mount distances between the camera formats. Anyway, the size doesn't really bother me. When I want small I'll take the FE 35.

As far as functionality - does the lens interact at all aperture wise, or focus confirmation wise, or is it totally devoid of any interaction with the A7r ? And importantly, how did that affect your ease and enjoyment of its use ?

No the lens has no electronic contacts at all, so it's manual all the way. The A7/R will expose automatically in A, S, or M mode (with auto-ISO) if you let it. I prefer to go all manual (including ISO) and monitor the meter reading in the camera and adjust if required. Focus confirmation is done by focus peaking if you like, but with f8 and higher apertures focus peaking falls apart, which is why I use the MF assist (magnification).

Thanx, and try and post some more of your exc. pics with it.

I'll process and post a couple of architectural shots later.

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