D800: focus setting for wildlife

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JP Scherrer
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@ harshaj1 !

harshaj1 wrote:

This is what is use for Birds. Here is a blog post I did in the past. Hope this helps


AF-on button activate the AF.(a4)

Drive mode set to CH(high)

AF-C and Af points to D-9

a1 – Release
a3 – Short to Normal
a6 – on
a7 – 51
a8 – off

Metering- My default metering is matrix metering. I use this for 95% of the time and works well. Only instance when this may not work is when shooting in bright sunny days and the eagle is backlit. In those instances I use center weighted matrix metering.


Thanks for the tips !

Now, is there a way to store ALL these settings in one of D800 memory and "call" it whenever one wants to use the AF-ON trick ? ...I mean, I usually use AF-S with the normal settings, but I'd like to be able to recall the complete AF-ON "system" only by changing memory # ?

OTOH, iI did try several times the AF-ON trick, but after so many years of habits of pressing the shutter button, I found very difficult to change my habits....  ! ...maybe the old age doesn't help....


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