A6000 quick AF test with dogs

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Re: A6000 quick AF test with dogs

I know there have been some people asking for AF test with dogs, so here's mine:


The weather finally cleared enough for me to take these yesterday afternoon after 5:30. The light was falling so I let the camera decide ISO. A lot of them appear to be ISO 1600 and above, so the results are a bit muddy. I also had to use a faster shutter speed to avoid motion blur.

I'm not sure if it's as good as my old Nikon D300, but it's at the stage where I don't really have to worry about the focus system. My NEX 7 could not take these.

if you're not sure if d300 is better or not, then it means that a6000 has top notche focusing performance...d300 af is simply stunning and if a6000 is head to head with d300, then a6000 af is a killer one!...

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