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Re: XT1 - Truly Superior IQ

Dave Chilvers wrote:

There are two kinds of testing, out and out testing cameras and lenses, tripod, cable release and mirror up against maybe a flat brick wall.

The there is taking that camera out in the field and shooting real world images either hand held or tripod. I don`t use a tripod anymore but for sure some cameras lend themselves to being hand held where as others don`t. For what ever reason, size and shape of hands and fingers make a big difference even the action of the shutter release has a bearing. The there is to fit a grip and thumbs up or not all makes a difference so you must try to set up things for you and your shape. I`ve mentioned before but no one remarked that I have fitted a small 12mm round rubber foot 4mm thick( those things you stick on items to stop them moving on your desktop) and as a thumb rest that keeps it away from the rear buttons, it works a treat. It might not work for some with different hands. (you could buy them commercially made for the X10 as I remember)

You need to test a camera at the places that you know and can judge against other cameras shooting the same subject, even choosing the same light makes a difference. Only you can tell with YOUR images, shot with your hands and viewed on your computer processed the way you process images.

Under those conditions mentioned above for me the x trans sensors shine, they might not suit everyone like cars that are very personal but if they do then you will be in for a pleasant surprise walking around with new found freedom from weight.


You are absolutely correct in everything you're saying here.

However, my issue is that the OP has not demonstrated, nor is there any sign of even remotely trying to find out, where exactly the problem lies. Color rendition could be due to so many things about the in-camera raw processor. For all we know, he could have taken B&W images with the GX7 and Velvia shots with the Fuji, and then complained about color rendition. Bottom line is that he hasn't divulged how the images were created.

Same thing about sharpness. Was it camera shake that's responsible? Was there something wrong with the camera? Did the lenses used have different inherent sharpness? What were the in-camera sharpness settings? How did he print/view the images? Did he present any examples of what he was talking about?

A catchy heading for the OP, but no details to back it all up. One should expect rigorous methods to get to the bottom of things, otherwise one cannot assess whether the OP's notion is valid or not.

Threads like these just leave a sour taste as they throw the kind of absolutist statements out into the wild that are fodder for trolls and a source of confusion for innocent bystanders who are seeking useful information.

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