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Re: They made me walk the plank

fotophool wrote:

SaltLakeGuy wrote:

here on this forum for my slamming of the mft stuff when I converted over from a EM1 to the X-T1. I'm sorry but frankly I don't consider them equal on ANY level.

Flash, video? Really?

They want to call me a fanboy go right ahead. I feel comfortable backing it up all day long.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, you know.

Which is what I find so funny about the two most vocal fanboys here -- you and guitarjeff.

You'd think that if the Fuji was truly the greatest camera ever invented that the both of you would be endlessly bombarding us on a daily basis with pics that any other camera or system could only dream about. After all, you "feel comfortable backing it up all day long."

Instead, we get mostly...verbiage. The same verbiage, I might add, over and over and over.

Ray Sachs has a perspective on this stuff. It might behoove you and guitarjeff to get one, too.

And he takes better pictures than the two of you, too.

And my apologies to Ray for dragging him into this.

Ridiculous. To begin with you say you don't see any special character or have any unique feel for X trans photos, so what good would it be for you to see ANY x trans shots?  Secondly, as a thread was just posted recently about how many shots are shown here and most agree this is an equipment talk forum, so what was it you said, we should be "Bombarding this place with photos"?  LAUGHABLE!!

Third, I have been posting photos, try looking in the appropriate weekly thread the moderator puts up.

Fourth, you should not want to see great X trans photos like the TENS OF THOUSANDS of fabulous photos on the various X trans groups on Fliker.  You see you claim that X trans is nothing special, artifacts and all kinds of nasties, so TENS OF THOUSANDS of great shots DIRECTLY contradicts your silly claims about X trans.  No wonder you had some kind of mental meltdown when I posted links to the various XF lens Flikre groups, those photos show how silly your contentions about X trans are.

Here are a few I have added to the appropriate photo threads without bombarding the forum. But again, meaningless since your mental hangup is with x trans, not individual photogs, right?

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