Pier 60, Clearwater FL

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Re: Looks good to me

GaryW wrote:

uhligfd wrote:

Brown water, brown clouds, natural ? or photoshop is my question ...

I take it you don't approve of the post-processing? We all have different ideas of what we want. It looks pleasant enough to me, but my guess is that it was warmed up to enhance the color of the sunset, at the expense of the other colors. It probably looks better than a more "natural" look.

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Gary W.

Dear Gary,

what i worry about is why you chose this color?

In LR or photoshop it is so easy to get an image all into the blues, the pinks, the greens, the purples, reds, …  etc. And if one wants to change the world, why brown? Why not silver or gold? I know this is your artistic decision, totally yours.

I guess i would have liked you to try a few more overpped hues and make sure this is the one that is proper for the image, your mood of the day and your artistic view of the worlds.

The  more color deviations, the merrier …, the more outlandish the better, I think.

Or keep it earthly and natural, with a little bit of help from pp.

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