E-M10 and Rokinon 7.5mm fisheye for street photography

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Heyseuss Hoolio
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Re: E-M10 and Rokinon 7.5mm fisheye for street photography

Impulses wrote:

Jeff Tokayer wrote:

Good job. What did you use for defishing the images?

I didn't defish the images. I simply cropped them to ~30-50% of the original size, thus making the fisheye effect less noticeable.

Very nice, what kinda equivalent FL are we looking at with that amount of crop? Is it challenging to imagine what amount of cropping you'll do when taking the picture or is it not part of your process?

The photos look great!.  This is a superb lens.

That would be nice to somewhat be able to compose in a way where you could see the crop or defish through the viewfinder/LCD, I've thought about this.  With defishing, it makes such a wide image you have much room to position your crop because you're basically cropping out the corners once it stretches the picture.

Possibly to help compose when you know you'll want to defish, draw a box on the LCD with a dry erase marker or make a box with thin black tape to most resemble the defished crop area, after tests of course so you know the size.  Depending on the level of defishing the shape of your composition box will not be 4/3 rectangle with straight edges but one with curved lines.

Your normal image defished, corners cut off.

A framing box with curved edges will help you compose your corners so you know what'll be in your defished image.  I know different programs defish different ways, but on average your framing box will have curved sides.  When cropped to the edges, a defished image's aspect ration changes to about 3:2.

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