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Re: XT1 - Truly Superior IQ

There are two kinds of testing, out and out testing cameras and lenses, tripod, cable release and mirror up against maybe a flat brick wall.

The there is taking that camera out in the field and shooting real world images either hand held or tripod. I don`t use a tripod anymore but for sure some cameras lend themselves to being hand held where as others don`t. For what ever reason, size and shape of hands and fingers make a big difference even the action of the shutter release has a bearing. The there is to fit a grip and thumbs up or not all makes a difference so you must try to set up things for you and your shape. I`ve mentioned before but no one remarked that I have fitted  a small 12mm round rubber foot 4mm thick( those things you stick on items to stop them moving on your desktop) and as a thumb rest that keeps it away from the rear buttons, it works a treat. It might not work for some with different hands. (you could buy them commercially made for the X10 as I remember)

You need to test a camera at the places that you know and can judge against other cameras shooting the same subject, even choosing the same light makes a difference. Only you can tell with YOUR images, shot with your hands and viewed on your computer processed the way you process images.

Under those conditions mentioned above for me the x trans sensors shine, they might not suit everyone like cars that are very personal but if they do then you will be in for a pleasant surprise walking around with new found freedom from weight.


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