A7R with Samyang 14mm f/2.8 Samples

Started Mar 30, 2014 | Discussions thread
Ben Raven Forum Member • Posts: 79
Re: A7R with Samyang 14mm f/2.8 Samples


Beautiful shots ! Have also been considering it for A7r.

Where did you buy it ?

Did you apply any pp fixes on these posted pics for its known distortion and/or vignetting ? If you did, what did you use and how --what degree of coverage loss did you find if corrected for distortion ?

How about performance -- it has gotten literally raves for center area performance, how about overall image ? These certainly look super. Have you used it for any interiors, or building shots ?

How do you feel about the size, weight, balance, and focus feel ? I myself am not discouraged by going for a larger lens if it gives me the image quality I seek (and can afford).

As far as functionality - does the lens interact at all aperture wise, or focus confirmation wise, or is it totally devoid of any interaction with the A7r ? And importantly, how did that affect your ease and enjoyment of its use ?

Thanx, and try and post some more of your exc. pics with it.

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