1650$ for A7r. Does it make sense ?

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Re: 1650$ for A7r. Does it make sense ?

mkandil wrote:

jkspepper wrote:

my question is why did you place is a bid and not know whether you want to pay for it? Are you going to not pay even though you technically have an obligation to? As a ex-ebay user, this would irritate me the most, that's probably why I don;t use it anymore.

SOrry to hijack this post but I find the behaviour difficult to digest. It's just not very considerate and a bit rude and selfish to be honest.

Sorry, rant over.

I will not bid if I am not going to pay.

My max bid was 1800$, but I won it for 1650$ ! then I was surprised how a seller could make money when selling a camera for 1650$(including ebay charges) while it is being sold for 2200$.

this pushed me to ask people who may experienced something like this before.

so where you found this rude and selfish ?

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I have to agree with jkspepper.

IF you won the bidding process you are supposed to pay for what you have bid. You are being selfish and rude by not full filling your part of the agreement, which is paying for what you have bid for.

eBay even enforces this rule by letting the seller flag you as non-paying, and many sellers, have a rule on the backend to stop people with more than 2 flags from being able to bid on what they are selling.
But coming back to what the thread is about: If he still has the warranty receipt then you are pretty much covered aren't you? Sony does give a broad warranty from one country to another.
I am not 100% sure of what would eBay do if your product is defective but my hunch is that yes, they would return your money. You gotta check with the eBay rules, which will also tell you that you need to pay for what you won.

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