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Greynerd wrote:

Those extra megapixels and the newer sensor just seem to give the pictures more sparkle than the Nex 6. It is very subjective I know but the OP's images give an indication of that. Operationally the Nex 6 has the advantages but the A3000 is a great second body and worth getting for the lens alone but giving credit where it is due the sensor is fabulous. Probably better for having less mp than the A6000 though I have no proof of that but 20mp is enough for me. Sony with their compacts show they have no scruples about trashing image quality for the sake of a high nominal pixel count on the box.

As I have said before all this 'the best camera you have is the one with you' seems to evaporate rapidly when people talk about the A3000. As an image maker it is superb from my early impressions though it would be no great loss if it was not at the price. The EVF is pretty poor though but the rear screen is not too bad and can be turned up very bright.

I do get the impression people who get it are fairly well pleased on the whole.

You are right.

for the prise you pay now the lens alone cost the same.

free camera.

wsalopek wrote:

Greynerd wrote:

I have a Nex 6 and whilst is the more aesthetically pleasing camera the A3000 with its deep grip is probably easier to hold. So whilst the A3000 looks a bit clumsy and has a poor EVF it is the better quality image maker of the 2 especially with the 18-55 lens and cost me 1/3 of the price.


Interesting comment...can you say in what way or ways you judge the A3000 to be a better image maker than the Nex-6?

(I own a Nex-6, but have always thought the A3000 a great deal.)

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