Running Win95 programs on Vista/Win7

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Re: Full system scan results

As I've already mentioned more than once, the portable version of that Riot software is clean.

That's not the case with the standard version you linked to first. This is the page you linked to before including a different link to the portable version of it:

It's download button goes to a page that links to the executable I scanned with and posted results from (more than once):

The OpenCandy installer included in programs like that is going to install crap like Conduit by default unless you're very careful to opt out of the extras.

As already mentioned before, the tools you're using are not very good anyway. None of them are going to detect the adware installer included in that Riot download.

If you have a habit of installing software a lot, and rely on those kinds of tools (McAfee Stinger, ClamAV, Windows Defender) to protect you, then there is no telling how much crap you have installed and running on your computer; and it may not just be adware, but far more malicious infections.

As mentioned, I'd use adwcleaner and malwarebytes for starters to try and get rid of any adware/spyware programs you may have installed over time. See the links to them I already posted in this thread:

But, in your case (using products like those to protect you from malware), it would probably be a very good idea to scan your computer using some of the rescue disk type products, too (so that you're not booting into an already compromised operating system to perform the scans). See this post for details on an easy way to do that:

Perhaps you'll be lucky and you've avoided any serious infections. But, if you have a habit of downloading a lot of so called freeware from web sites, and you think the products you're using (ClamAV, McAfee Stinger, Windows Defender) are protecting you from infection, then you may find you have a lot of adware and/or malware running that you're unaware of.

The Portable version of Riot appears to be OK. But, even if it were not, the products you're using would not have flagged it as being a problem if it had included an adware installers like OpenCandy (as the standard download of that software does), as you can see from the virustotal scan results (and I tested McAfee Stinger against that download and it doesn't flag it either).

Those are just not very good products to scan with for detecting those types of installers.

As already suggested, scan it with adwcleaner and malwarebytes for starters, use the show results buttons, make sure to check the boxes by all threats they identify, and then click the buttons in those programs to removed those items (rebooting if prompted to do so).   Chances are, you have a lot of adware and unwanted programs running if you've been relying on those types of scanners you mentioned in the past, even though the portable version of Riot appears to be OK and you have a habit of downloading and installing free programs you find on web sites.

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