Does Sony's "clear zoom" work with non-Sony lenses? Or with the LA-EA2 + A-mount?

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Re: Does Sony's "clear zoom" work with non-Sony lenses? Or with the LA-EA2 + A-mount?

Digital Nigel wrote:

captura wrote:

Clear Zoom is not a new concept. Even the very first M43 camera ever, the much-loved Panasonic G1 had it. I can set up my G1 with let's say, normal aperture priority without CZ, and with CZ (which is 2X) on Full Auto on the mode dial. Then I simply jog from AP to Auto and back as needs be. Pretty handy.

The quality of CZ photos with that cam was excellent, too.

CIZ is not new on Sony cameras, either -- it's been around for several years. But why isn't it just called digital zoom, as that's all it is? Obviously the interpolation is better when the upscaling is less (ie, <4:1 pixels), but it's just a modified upscaling algorithm. What I don't understand is why people who use CIZ don't just use smaller JPEG sizes, with smart zooming? That way, you don't get the damaging fake interpolated pixels added.

Because they're no the same thing.
I refer you to this brief explanation from Sony:

"Below are the definitions of optical zoom, clear image digital zoom and Precision Digital zoom. In short for the best image quality Clear Image digital zoom has a database of patterns it can refer back to and create new pixels for a better quality image than Precision Digital zoom which is basically just crops in.

Optical zoom: true zoom, by using optical zoom quality remains the same and the full resolution of the camera can be used on the zoomed image.

Clear Image Digital Zoom: the processor compares patterns found in adjacent pixels and creates new pixels to match selected patterns, resulting in more realistic, higher quality images

Precision Digital zoom: Enlarges all the image sizes by the total zoom scale of approximately 64x, including the optical 16x. However, note that the image quality deteriorates when the optical zoom scale is exceeded."

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