Do I really need a SELF CLEANING sensor camera? Please Help!

Started Mar 30, 2014 | Questions thread
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Do I really need a SELF CLEANING sensor camera? Please Help!


I think I am writing this only to help get others advice in order for self confirmation that it is ok to keep the camera I just bought tin stead of returning it like I am considering.

I bought a good condition Canon 1DS Mark II used from for $840 out the door.  When I received the camera yesterday, I took a a few shots of the sky, and immediately when I was looking through the viewfinder I could see a considerable amount of dust since I was pointed at a blue sky.  I didn't know whether the dust was in the SESNOR or the VIEWFINDER.  Both is concerning I guess.

Upon inspecting the images on my computer, there was quite a LOT of dust and spots on the sensor AND dust in the viewfinder.  I locked the mirror of the camera and hit it with my rocket blower for about 60 seconds.  Nothing worked and the dust and spots were still showing up on my images.

Toda I took the camera to a local certified camera repair shop to have the sensor professionally cleaned, and it took them almost 3 tomes taking it through the cleaning process to get it what I THOUGHT looked clean.  We took a few images at the shop and everything looked ok.  Well, of course, when I got home to double check and took some more images, there were still a few spots on the sensor that I am guessing they did not see.

What really sucks is, The Canon 1DS Mark II feels amazing in my hands and produces stunning color accuracy in the images, but it will drive me insane if I have to get the sensor cleaned every time I shoot.  I am highly considering returning this camera and just sticking with my 5D Mark II that I already have.  The reason I bought this camera was because I like having a back up, and I love the ergaonmics of the 1 series bodies.  This is the first camera I have owned WITHOUT the self cleaning sensor, but I was always under the impression that the self clean sensor didm;t really help that often.

My point to all of this is, should I return it and just get a used camera that is more updated as my backup, should I keep the camera and deal with the dust in photoshop, or should I learn how to clean my own sensor?  I really really really would appreciated the help here.

Thanks so much for all of your time!

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