I've been lusting for a new camera, but only now have I an inkling what I truly want.

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Re: I've been lusting for a new camera, but only now have I an inkling what I truly want.

kodak will soon be revealing a premium line of m4/3 cameras to supplement their current line of plastic toys, rumored to be named 'Like-ah Dandymatics'.

as luck would have it, it is exactly the camera you describe.

its anachronistic authenticity is so pure that its marketing materials don't even bother with the modern conceit of tricking consumers with 999's and 99-cents; it really does just cost six thousand dollars -- a bargain really, considering what you're about to read.

its modularity is so radical that, were it not for kodak's clever branding scheme, putting together your uber-custom camera may be altogether indistinguishable from machining and sodering together every individual component.

it even comes with a certificate of reality, should you doubt that your purchase is in any way immaterial. when doused with the included apothecarian oils (housed in hand-blown glass film canisters), the certificate may also be used as a serviceable ego-stroker.

and finally, its sensor: a revolution and a revelation. it is, on the plebian plane of physical existence, still just a 4/3 sensor. but in the mystic hands of the True Operators, and when coupled with Glass of Immaculate Origin, the visions produced by the Dandymatic sensor quantitatively contain more data and detail than exists in the funny little world it is at any given moment recording; qualitatively, the visions exceed every one that came before the last, such that entire realms of being may, plausibly, eventually, be stitched together from mere 'images'.

such is life when the scales of our maps tip past 1:1.

not a bad deal for six grand...

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