f-number equivalent between m43 and FF

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Re: FastStone Image Viewer Image Viewing Algorithm Options

xpatUSA wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

Close-up inspection of any visible differences involves using (additional) upsampling algorithms applied by the viewer application utilized (the specific nature of which the user often has does not have specific knowledge of, or any control over) - which rather "muddies the waters" of analysis ?

Makes sense. Maintaining the same physical viewing size (paradoxically, it seems) necessarily involves the use of additional display resampling operations when engaging in making visual comparisons.

A good point. My best viewer for comparitive purposed is the oft-maligned FastStone Viewer:

Best viewed original size

For zooming in, the pixels are simply magnified, seen here at 500%.

What is done to the one pane is done automatically to the other unless the <ctrl> key is held down which is highly convenient.

For zooming out, I have no idea what it does . . . looks like NN, far as I can tell.

Found a couple of statements on the internet that FSV uses Lanczos resampling for the purposes of image viewing (in addition to image resizing) functions, one of which is here:

Relatively fast HQ image/thumbnail viewing, using Lanczos resampling algorithm.


Though I normally use XnView (which does not use Lanczos when image-viewing - I prefer it's interface to FSV), I just downloaded FSV 5.1, and in Settings - Viewer (when "Smooth" box is checked), there exists options of Lanczos (presumably Lanczos-3), as well as Lanczos-2.

It (appears) that this (also) applies to the comparison window views. Not sure about that. The most recently published tutorial available for FSV describes FSV 4.5 (06-10-2011), which is not informative in that respect. The FSV 5.1 in-program Help Text refers only to a "a high quality magnifier".

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