I've been lusting for a new camera, but only now have I an inkling what I truly want.

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You have got to be kidding.

millardmt wrote:

What I would buy:

1) As little plastic as possible. I'll pay a 250% weight AND price penalty for this alone.

2) No frivolous or proprietary features. I don't want movies but it takes so little space it's a moot issue.

3) As said before, everything should be removable/modular in design.

4) Flexibility of control should be maximal; there should be a maximum of dedicated hardware controls on the camera. And Each button/switch should be the highest quality obtainable.

5) Camera size should be kept to an absolute minimum. (For example, I'd tolerate a substantially smaller than 3" (diagonal) LCD size to keep overall dimensions down.

6) Wi-Fi, NFC, Art-Filters, social media connectivity and the like should be omitted altogether.

7) Mechanical shutter only.

8) All switches would be of aircraft grade only (or better).

9) I would beg, borrow or steal $6,000 for a well designed MFT camera-body only with the above attributes.

Marc (thanking you all for your patience);

and, yes, I'm ready for institutional care ...

Suggestion:  If you want bare bones high end mechanical construction that has oodles of esthetic appeal, buy a Leica.

If you want the rest of the features you list, there are dozens of cameras that meet your requirements:  They are called FILM cameras.  I suspect you would be much happier with one of them.

Enjoy your search!


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