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Re: Pathetic response of no value

RichRMA wrote:

Someone goes to the trouble of carefully outlining a problem they have, so perhaps others with might know it isn't isolated and this is your best response?

The OP already more than outlined every possible issue in the other thread. Returning the K3 for this problem is a reasonable decision given her use of the camera, but it is also a one or two line addition to the original thread. No additional drama required.

What difference does it make if it is isolated or not? How does that help anyone? Are you guys going to repair the camera? Change the firmware? Oh, I know, you can run out and set your K3 up and even though you never use it this way, fire off 15,000 frames just to see if you can make it fail.


So far THIS thread has been all but a complete re-hash of everything that was already written in the other thread. Now that's REALLY useful. Can't people read what was already written in the other 150 post thread? Couldn't the OP have updated THAT thread stating she returned the K3? It had not topped out when she started this thread.

No, she could not get anywhere near as much attention that way.


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