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Photo-Wiz wrote:

After reading several favorable reviews I recently bought a Panasonic GX7 thinking it might stack up well to the Fuji X series cameras. I was partly influenced by Luminous Landscape review of the XT1 by Mr. Reichmann in which he wrote "Now, in early 2014, I don't believe that there are significant differences in image quality between major cameras and camera brands with roughly similar MP count sensors."

Turns out that is completely wrong. I compared pictures of the GX7 with my XT1 with similar settings. In every case, the XT1 pictures were visibly superior. Better sharpness and better color rendition. My experience with the GX7, much like my experience of a year ago with the Oly EM5 was that it has trouble taking truly sharp pictures. I don't know if that is because of shuttershock or something else. I even tried the Electronic Shutter option. But it made little difference. None of the pictures approached the IQ of the XT1. So I returned the GX7.

Fuji, it looks like I'm here to stay. Love my XT1.

Coming from 4/3 i couldnt agree more.  Theres a clarity the larger sensor and no olpf  delivers that 4/3 cant.  When i do a studio shoot with both formats the Fuji files are vastly superior; i notice the difference.

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