I've been lusting for a new camera, but only now have I an inkling what I truly want.

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I've been lusting for a new camera, but only now have I an inkling what I truly want.

Hi Kids:

Warning -- LONG Winded Ramble (best left to someone less discriminating)

None of the MFT cameras currently on the market are quite what I'm after, and so I continue to use my Oly E-P3 (which suits me very well indeed).

I should say that I have quite a stash of old Nikkors which I refuse to forsake, and so I was (and am) greatly pleased with the advent of the Metabones Nikon-to-MFT speedbooster/Adapter.

Anyway this is what I want and, implicitly, why I feel so conflicted about the choices currently open to me.

I like analog dials: were it not for its size and the need to buy new native lenses and, especially, because I refuse to buy a mirrorless camera with a viewfinder "hump," I'd buy the Fuji XT-1.

Which brings me to my pet peeve: If a camera doesn't have a prism, its EVF better be modular or I'll want nothing to do with it!  Period. End of discussion. If I even suspect that a manufacturer's designers are being instructed by its marketing department to make something that "looks like a DSLR" because that's "what our focus groups keep telling us they like," then forget it -- I won't buy it.  (I realize built-in EVFs have to located somewhere -- just not THERE!)

But before you conclude that I'm some kind of holier-than-thou purist whom nobody can please, let me tell you about a revelation I experienced just a day or two ago. I was reading DPR's updated Pentax/Ricoh K-3 "First Impressions" article wherein there are pictures depicting the K-3 right next to the Nikon D7100. And these immediately brought to mind the enlighted remarks of some DPR pundit -- I'm sorry, I don't remember the context nor the contributor's name -- who said (if I may paraphrase) that he was tired of seeing new DSLRs whose styling cues appear to be universally taken directly from whatever the chief stylist may have observed in the toilet on the day in which certain crucial decisions were made. Crude, perhaps, but that DPR's comments exactly mirrored my own feelings with respect to the styling of most cameras being sold today.  I invariably observe the "jello-mold" styling of today's inexpensive automobiles with a jaundiced eye, but at least it can be said that such disagreeable shapes are in the interests of fuel economy.  But, other than economy, what else is there to recommend these eyesores with which the human eye has been besieged for the last forty years?  Bah!  A beautiful woman has curves and so does an XKE Jaguar, but many of today's cameras instead resemble a piece of gum stuck to one's shoe.

Okay, rant over.  Before your eyes cross with terminal boredom, let me conclude by saying that I now know I AM a fashion SNOB. I hadn't known it, but I am. Crucify me if you will -- I surely deserve it -- but I admit that APPEARANCE IS IMPORTANT TO ME.

But, having said that, I AM NOT williing to cut a "pretty" camera ANY slack whatsoever.  It must be FULLY functional.

What I would buy:

1) As little plastic as possible.  I'll pay a 250% weight AND price penalty for this alone.

2) No frivolous or proprietary features.  I don't want movies but it takes so little space it's a moot issue.

3) As said before, everything should be removable/modular in design.

4) Flexibility of control should be maximal; there should be a maximum of dedicated hardware controls on the camera.  And Each button/switch should be the highest quality obtainable.

5) Camera size should be kept to an absolute minimum.  (For example, I'd tolerate a substantially smaller than 3" (diagonal) LCD size to keep overall dimensions down.

6) Wi-Fi, NFC, Art-Filters, social media connectivity and the like should be omitted altogether.

7) Mechanical shutter only.

8) All switches would be of aircraft grade only (or better).

9)  I would beg, borrow or steal $6,000 for a well designed MFT camera-body only with the above attributes.

Marc (thanking you all for your patience);

and, yes, I'm ready for institutional care ...

Nikon D7100 Olympus PEN E-P3 Pentax K-3
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