Does Sony's "clear zoom" work with non-Sony lenses? Or with the LA-EA2 + A-mount?

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Re: Does Sony's "clear zoom" work with non-Sony lenses? Or with the LA-EA2 + A-mount?

Hi Bill,

CIZ works with the LA-EA2 adapter. In fact, it works better, as you preserve the LA-EA2's PDAF capability. With the E-mount lenses, in CIZ mode, the AF is a bit questionable - it seems to work, but the AF confirmation green rectangle box is not there any longer (only the dotted green large outline shows).

The zoom level is not set by the lens (adapter or native), but by the control wheel when you are in the zoom-level settings menu. Once set, the camera stays in this mode.


On my 16-50, I zoom with the zoom ring on the lens...and (if I have the camera set to do so of course), after max optical zoom, the zoom will then enter "S" (Smart), and then "C" (Clear), all by turning the ZOOM RING.

If I use my 50/1.8, then I have to use the back control wheel on the camera to use clear zoom (because of course the 50mm does not have a zoom ring).

So then just to clarify...

If I use the LA-EA2, and a Sony A-mount lens, I'll have to go to max zoom on the lens, and then switch over to the back control wheel for further zoom?

Or are you saying that I could first set the back control wheel...say, to 1.5x, and then a 100-300 lens would operate as a 150-450 as I twist the lens's zoom ring?

Sounds like you are also saying that if I want to shoot outdoor sports (which is what I am planning on doing), then I'd be better off with the LA-EA2 and an A-mount lens, than the 55-210 E-Mount, because I would keep PDAF all the way to max optical/clear zoom, correct? an A-Mount lens to suggest?  

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