Thank you Nikon!

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Fair enough if you are upset at Nikon but comparing this issue to the automotive industry is a horrible comparison! You are aware that recalls only happen in the automotive industry if they are forced or if it is a life threatening situation or both. Ask any guy that's ever worked in ANY brand's dealer service department if he has ever performed costly repairs to a vehicle at the customer's expense that was a factory defect due to either cheap materials, poor design or a quality control problem. Happens ALL...THE ...TIME. These are $15000 and up products.

I'm gonna have to side with the OP here with his statement that there are many products, often expensive that are handled just as poorly if not worse. Talk to some original xbox owners. Talk to some of the GM owners who have loved ones that have lost lives due to GM dragging their feet on the ignition switch problem. Don't know what I'm talking about? Go look it up. I'm not saying that any of this excuses Nikon but there are many more product problems worse than this. I feel that most of Nikon's problem here is the PR side of things and they are probably getting what they deserve just be careful how you throw comparisons around.

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