A6000 test cool extra - Clear Zoom Image E 55-210 vs D5300 55-300 VR exelent :-)

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Re: now it's just ridiculous

blue_skies wrote:

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blue_skies wrote:

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What kind of experiment is that? All images have different time stamps, and different focus. You're posting one out of focus image and saying it's so much worse than the other, which is in focus and heavily sharpened.

Try it for yourself

I took a few snaps in AF and pushed them through LR and put them in the post.

If they are not to your liking, then do your own experiments.

I find consistently that CIZ beats cropping + upsizing (I use LR and DxO).

Do you wear glasses? Even after I explained that you still don't see the obvious.

All you have shown is that the out of focus crop is blurry. Duh! If that is how you make your tests you can prove anything, for example I can prove that my cell phone takes better resolution images than any medium format camera.

Hmm, so the RAW is busted?

Below are the crops of the CIZ and the JPG FINE - both pushed through clarity and contrast.

I am not trying to prove anything there - rather suggesting a quick setup to test what I see.

The CIZ image has 4x the pixels, and I do not see upsampling producing a similar level of detail.



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I wonder how many more times I need to repeat that your crops are taken from out of focus areas before you realize your comparison is bogus?

Clear Zoom

JPEG crop

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