Anyone Else Noticed This?

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Anyone Else Noticed This?

I've been using Adobe Camera raw and Photoshop or Lightroom for some time now, back to CS2. A while back I purchased the DXO Pro Optics 9 but never updated to the Elite version until just recently to compare results processing E-M1 files.

Forget any coloration/contrast, etc. differences. Any of that can be adjusted in either program to get a results one might want and I made no effort to match these between what I did in DXO and Adobe Camera raw. Just look at the difference in the angle of view from one to the other. No cropping was done with either image and I used no lens profile in ACR other than what the program does by default based, supposedly, on the in-file corrections. I did apply the Huelight profile, but only after the file was open in ACR and it makes no difference in image area captured.

This first image was captured with the 12-40mm f2.8 M. Zuiko at 12mm. Same exact file.



And here's a shot captured using the 7-14mm f4 Panasonic at 7mm..

ACR version..

And from DXO..

As I have worked my way through numerous files in DXO this has been the same case every time at the widest focal length, whether it was the 12-40 M. Zuiko, 7-14mm f4 Panasonic or 12-35mm f2.8 Panasonic.

In a few cases I also ran the files through Olympus Viewer 3, a program I normally never use, with results in terms of area captured that matches DXO pretty much exactly.

Not particularly pleased to see ACR cutting off angle of coverage. I don't buy 12mm lenses, be it a zoom or prime (have not checked out any files using the 12mm f2 yet....I'm afraid to), to only capture 13 or 14mm worth of image. I've also not gone back to E-M5, E-P3 or any other prior model used files to see if the same thing is going or or not. Again, don't know that I want to know.

I'm getting myself a little more familiar with DXO and considering what I do, or don't want to do with my Adobe subscription right now.

It would be interesting to see others try this with ACR and Viewer 3 to see if you are seeing any differences of angle captured at the wide end of either of the two f2.8 standard zooms or 7-14. Those are the only lenses where I have compared image files so far.

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