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After more than a year of negative threads about the D600, I think it is time to break the cycle. I've posted most of this comment on NR as well. I hope you find it in yourself to accept a positive post about Nikon, after the so many negative ones.

Good things rarely get the limelight, since people seem to expect them. I am very certain that there are millions of Nikon customers who have had good experience with Nikon whether in using their products or services. Yet, those who had bad experiences, albeit the minority, have the louder voice or the only voice sometimes!

I like to break this routine. I bought my D600 in Dec 2012 after I sold my d5100 to move up to full-frame. I didn't pay much attention to earlier dust claims, then decided to do test shots. Sure enough, under the right circumstances the spots were visible. Took my camera to Nikon's authorised service center, they offered to clean it for free (before any service advisory. This was back in January 2013).

Few months later, spots re-appeared with any shot of f16 and higher (practically never bothered me as I never shot higher than f11). Thinking I might get lucky and take advantage of the situation hoping Nikon would give me the new D610 (bad of me, admittedly), I decided to write them and complain about the D600. They sent me shipping slip so I can ship the camera to them free of charge with no question asked. Less than a week later I got my camera back with new shutter.

Now, I do have few spots showing up, but I have the confidence that whenever I need, regardless of warranty, I can send it and get it cleaned for free and may still get that elusive d610 I was hoping for. If this is not good customer service, I am not sure what is. Again consider these facts:

Local authorised service center, takes the camera and clean the sensor for free. This was before the issue gone viral.

Nikon offered free shutter change and provided other maintenance to the camera that I don't recall now, but are written in the service order. Again, this was before they officially offered the shutter replacement. They have been doing it all along, they just messed up their PR and didn't announce it. Hardly a problem!

Nikon extending this guarantee for the life the camera, free of charge.

If you ask me, that is a lot of goodwill considering the issue is few spots on sensor that can be cleaned easily by anyone and are only visible when you look for them, in most cases.

Imagine that you didn't buy a D600, but were one of the first who bought the d610. Soon you warranty will be over. I would be jealous of those who own a d600!

As to the d600 resale value. After the latest announcement, I think buying a refurbished or used d600 is a no-brainer. I would pay as much for it as I would pay for a d610 if not more just for the fact that I have this new cover! Again, they have been doing this all along, the difference now is that they have extended the service to those whose warranty has expired or about to, and made it official.

Finally, as consumers, we sometimes tend to be highly cynical of corporations, for good reasons for the most parts. But we should also bear in mind that this tendency may overshadow our better judgment, sometimes. I, for one, feel that I owe it to Nikon to admit that they have done something right this time. I feel I want them to know that just as much as I wanted them to hear my complaint when I had one.

I wish my car dealer, mobile maker, laptop vendor, and all my other providers extend me such a 'bad service!'

Thank you NIKON! I am a satisfied customer.


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