What Fuji camera sites/groups do you frequent?

Started Mar 29, 2014 | Questions thread
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Re: What Fuji camera sites/groups do you frequent?

Chad Hardy wrote:

I was wondering if you could share your favorite sites/blogs/groups (Facebook, G+, Flickr, Youtube) for learning about the Fuji X system. I did a quick search on the forum here and didn't get a bunch of results so I thought I would ask. All links appreciated.

This one is fabulous.


A DPReview member shared it with me when I was initially researching my move from Nikon to the Fuji X system. Once I saw the images being produced with these cameras...and the quality of photographerswho were moving to Fuji from multiple platforms...I was hooked

You have chosen an excellent camera to enter the Fuji realm with. I hope you love your X-T1!!!

Edit: Just looked at http://www.tomen.de/blog/  and realized it is basically (much?) the same as the scoop link I posted.

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