Nikon's D700 a balanced camera for image quality, value, pro handling and MP.

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Re: Used DSLR's

joneil wrote:

whoosh1 wrote:

Your dream list is already present and available at the price points you want - if you include used cameras. I am going to insert the model names in your list and their price points.

cm71td wrote:

If Nikon offered the following full-frame models, would you be happy?

12 Mpx FF, pro autofocus, 5 fps (8 fps with grip), under $1000

This is used D700 - around $1200-1400 on craigslist.


Just my feeling and experience, but I wouldn't touch a used DSLR nowadays.

My D700 was "used", but it was a refurb direct form Nikon with a full one year warranty, and everything cleaned and checked over. But I looked at some local used D700s, and you know what, most of them look pretty beat up or like they had something wrong with them

As for the D800, a local camera store was selling a used one they took on trade in. Box included. So I took a look. One of the rubber seals was missing, one of the control buttons felt a little too loose for me, and overall there was some wear marks on it. It "only had" 35,000 shots on it, but it looked like it was used a lot harder than that. Not saying that anybody was lying, but you ever see how one person - the way they drive - can put 100,000 miles on a car and it is still in great shape, but the next guy can put only 10,000 miles on a car but the condition it is in is terrible, just because of the way they drive and treat things they own? Same can be true for cameras.

So I am just at the point, I need my gear to work for sure, and for the most part, used DSLRs scare me. Used manual focus lenses I will buy, but not DSLRs.

My D300 was purchased just over a year ago from KEH as an EXC+. Came in brilliant condition, except for a fogged back LCD, which apparently is fairly common with D3 and D300's. But that does not affect my ability to shoot nor the image, so a small trade off for getting a very good camera in great otherwise condition., for a third of original retail price. The actuations were also under 8,000.

It is still working fine, my three AF lenses have not needed any fine tune also. So it seems to have been properly calibrated.

I have begun to save for a second body for low light use, it will be either (most likely) a refurb or used D3, possibly a used D700 or used D800E or just might be one of the two new DSLR's another forum member hinted at might be released in coming September, depending on features and price.

But I will have no qualms buying used from such as KEH., or refurb from such as Cameta. Particularly as they (KEH) offer 6 months warranty and most likely any glitches will be discovered in that time.

One can also add a MACK warranty to refurb units I think.

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Wishing You Good Light.

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