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Re: Top Posters

Schwany wrote:

AarSee wrote:

I just made the list with this one post.

KM Talk forum, were Jurassic Park now resides.

Come on, jump on this thread, and make the list.

Still hanging on to my KM5D.


I've been on top of that list many times, but never with one post. I was thinking of putting the fact that I made it to the top of the KM forum list on my resume, considering how important it is to the well being of the entire universe. I decided not to do it, and stay retired instead. I was afraid that if someone saw my resume with that entry on it, I'd be hired instantly without even an interview. Then I remembered I'm allergic to work.

My KM5D is collecting dust at an alarming rate. The battery is still holding a charge. Pretty amazing considering I haven't charged it for over a year.

Gotta go. The brontosaurus needs feeding.

Now I´m slipstreaming you to the top.

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