Card speeds for OMD EM1 question following lock ups

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Card speeds for OMD EM1 question following lock ups

Hi All,

I was at the zoo last week and took in excess of 2000 photos using my OMD EM1, primarily I was using the 75-300 II lens. The settings were:

Sequential (Low) to auto focus before each shot

I appreciate that the settings I was using were going to put a fair strain on the camera, but following 3 lock ups (Latest firmware 1.1) I went back to shop that I bought it from and they kindly replaced it with the hope that it was a hardware issue. I have since searched the internet and see that it has happened to a few people (It hasn't happened to me since), but sounds very rare so I have my fingers crossed for the replacement camera.

Anyway, the question is this, the person serving me in the shop suggested that I may like to get a faster card, I am currently using a Sandisk 45mbs, class 10 card, my understanding is as follows -

45 Mb/s - refers to read speed (example would be reviewing video playback)
Class 10 - refers to the write speed, and I believe this is the fastest on the market

I haven't found any issues with the reading aspects of the card, i.e. everything is fast enough when reviewing videos/ photos, so don't believe that upgrading to a 90mbs card would give me any benefit?

Please can you offer some advice, there is always the strong possibility that I have got the wrong end of the stick

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