Nikon's D700 a balanced camera for image quality, value, pro handling and MP.

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Re: Your whole wishlist list almost there already!!!

whoosh1 wrote:

Your dream list is already present and available at the price points you want - if you include used cameras. I am going to insert the model names in your list and their price points.

cm71td wrote:

If Nikon offered the following full-frame models, would you be happy?

12 Mpx FF, pro autofocus, 5 fps (8 fps with grip), under $1000

This is used D700 - around $1200-1400 on craigslist.


Just my feeling and experience, but I wouldn't touch a used DSLR nowadays.

My D700 was "used", but it was a refurb direct form Nikon with a full one year warranty, and everything cleaned and checked over.   But I looked at some local used D700s, and you know what, most of them look pretty beat up or like they had something wrong with them

As for the D800, a local camera store was selling a used one they took on trade in.  Box included.  So I took a look.  One of the rubber seals was missing, one of the control buttons felt a little too loose for me, and overall there was some wear marks on it.  It "only had" 35,000 shots on it, but it looked like it was used a lot harder than that.  Not saying that anybody was lying, but you ever see how one person - the way they drive - can put 100,000 miles on a car and it is still in great shape, but the next guy can put only 10,000 miles on a car but the condition it is in is terrible, just because of the way they drive and treat things they own?  Same can be true for cameras.

So I am just at the point, I need my gear to work for sure, and for the most part, used DSLRs scare me.   Used manual focus lenses I will buy, but not DSLRs.

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