Am I glad the MMF-3 is made of plastic!

Started Mar 29, 2014 | Discussions thread
CalNature Senior Member • Posts: 1,149

Good to know that everything survived for you, except the "disposable" plastic adapter. Now we know what is the disposable link in the system...thanks for testing the system.  Hope your back is ok.

I have the same setup.  I carry my system in two ways. First is  a well-padded camera backpack. Then when I am in a shooting situation I unpack everything and mount the camera/lens on a tripod. Secondly, I will mount my setup on the tripod, sling the tripod plus camera/lens over my shoulder, and walk only on level, "safe" trails (such as at wildlife refuges).

If I want to walk further, I use my 75-300 on the EM-1. When I don't expect to see anything I place the setup into a padded camera/lens bag. I can quickly access the camera when needed.

I tend to want to protect my investment, but perhaps I miss some shots?

Again, glad you and your camera is ok!  Jeff

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