Nikon's D700 a balanced camera for image quality, value, pro handling and MP.

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Re: Nikon's D700 a balanced camera for image quality, value, pro handling and MP.

T O Shooter wrote:

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T O Shooter wrote:

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Adrian Van wrote:

Nikon D700 still is a great camera. Nikon should update this camera to a D750 with 24MP and professional pro body and top AF. A modest increase in resolution to 24MP for Raw, not 36MP.

LMAO. First the D700 fans just wanted an updated 12 MP camera. Then they slowly changed to 16 MP. Now most of them have advanced to 24 MP. When Nikon comes out with a 54 MP camera and your phones have 40 MP you guys will be wanting 36 MP.

Nikon cannot make a camera in each category to match everyone's desires. The D3 and D700 competed for the same type of photographer and left many out in the cold. The D4, D600, and D800 cover a wider demographic. Just because they didn't produce exactly what you want doesn't mean they made a stupid marketing mistake.

I think it does! You can drive a fleet of Peterbilt trucks down the gap between the D6x0 and D800.

And yet we frequently get threads here with people struggling to decide between the two cameras.

Robin Casady

I know - my point as well! Neither one is really what they want. But what they want is not available. Hence the "struggling"

My point is that what they say they want keeps changing. If Nikon had made what they wanted at the introduction of the D800 it would no longer be what they want. Nikon would have to keep upgrading it every nine months.

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