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Re: D3 or D700 w/Grip

psideburns wrote:

The Good News

D3 has the pro body like the D2 series.

The D3S has improved low light and 8 fps and 12 mp sensor.

The D3x is a 24 mp sensor with a maximum of 5 fps.

The D700 is essentially a 12 mp D3 in a compact body, if that is important. The D700 will only shoot 5 fps, but with the optional grip attached it becomes 8 fps.

Either camera will be a significant jump in IQ over the D2 series.

The Bad News

Both the D3 series and the D700 are full frame cameras, which means you can expect to realign your lens assortment as you need FX lenses for these cameras. This could be expensive.

If you need to keep the lenses you have for DX format, the Nikon D300 is probably the next closest choice for you. Like the D700 it will run at 8 fps with a grip, but only 6 fps without.

Not a problem sir, the only lenses I have left are the important ones- 70-200vr and 300afs2.8. I'm truly starting over and I choose to think of it as liberating now one week into the despair... at least I have my d100, my first dslr and my beautiful 300 for opening day Monday...

Yeah d3s can be had for 1000 more than d3, not sure it's with almost twice the price to me right now...

I think I would be considering the D3/D3s if you must have a pro full-size body or the D700 with a grip.

I own the D800 and D700 (had a D2Hs before those) and the file sizes on the D800 are going to be a shock after 4 and 12 mp cameras.

The D800 is an amazing camera, but the slower frame rates may prove limiting to you.

Good inexpensive FX lenses are:
50mm D or G <== Inexpensive, but sharp! Must have lens.

85mm f/1.8G <== Very sharp and low price for the IQ

The new 35mm F/1.8 lens

28mm f/1.8

After that the wide angle and ultra wide angles get exponentially expensive.

Also, do not forget the current lenses you have will appear to have less reach than you had with the D2 cameras because they were DX sensors.

200 mm in FX is 2/3 the size it appeared on your D2 or 133mm.

The 300mm will appear like 200mm did on you DX cameras.

My stolen 50 1.4 was always to long on the aps sensor for me...

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