Nikon's D700 a balanced camera for image quality, value, pro handling and MP.

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Re: I guess you know your point?

Adrian Van wrote:

Nikon has built the D800 body to switch out the AA filter assembly between D800 and D800e. I recall reading that they have a patent to switch out different sensors in the body if I am also correct (some past forum post awhile ago). So switching out a 36MP sensor with a 16MP or 24MP sensor should not be difficult to do in the current manufacturing process and not be much expense in a new product line called D710/750.

However, at this point, I believe they just do not want to. Is it profit margins maybe?

Reasons for that (really unknown, as Nikon has no official word) have been speculated on by many of us, for the last year or two, since introduction of the D800/e.

The common perception is that some think Nikon may believe everyone would prefer a D800 (or want a MP advantages) who do not want to spend the price of a D4 and 16MP. Those would really want a D4 will pay for it. Or we can "settle" for a D610.

Well this from above is my take on that.

There is obviously a big gap with no D700 replacement. Everyone that wants one pretty much specs it as I have. Whether there's only 427 people in the world that wants one, I don't know. But even car manufacturers will have one or two models that sell very few but fill a niche demand. There are reasons that they do that such as keeping a buyer within their "family", reasons that Nikon seems to be overlooking.

Personally, I've got it covered with the D700, D800e, D4 and a D7000 I use on construction sites. I may sell the 7000 and get a used 7100 as that'll only going to cost me $150 or so, and I can intergrate the D7100 into business and personal use. The 800e will get replaced with an 800s, if and only if they improve AF to D4 levels. ( D4s level would be too much to ask ) That would make the D800s my go to body for most everything.

D4 will probably not get updated as right now in Toronto, where our dollar has dropped compared to US dollar ( assume that's the reason ) the D4s list for $7000 + tax, so too big of a spread for me. But if Nikon figures a lot of people are going to buy multiple bodies to cover everything they'll be sadly mistaken and personally I wouldn't settle for a D610.

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