Nikon's D700 a balanced camera for image quality, value, pro handling and MP.

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Re: Switching out the sensor of D800 body. How hard is it to do?

Nikon has built the D800 body to switch out the AA filter assembly between D800 and D800e. I recall reading that they have a patent to switch out different sensors in the body if I am also correct (some past forum post awhile ago). So switching out a 36MP sensor with a 16MP or 24MP sensor should not be difficult to do in the current manufacturing process and not be much expense in a new product line called D710/750.

However, at this point, I believe they just do not want to. Is it profit margins maybe?

Reasons for that (really unknown, as Nikon has no official word) have been speculated on by many of us, for the last year or two, since introduction of the D800/e.

The common perception I think, is that some think Nikon may believe everyone would prefer a D800 (or want a higher MP advantage which they think sells better than Canons FF) and for who do not want to spend the price of a D4 and 16MP. Those would really want a D4 will pay for it. Or we can "settle" for a D610. I would be willing to pay $3000 for a D750 with pro body and 16-24Mp sensor, but not at the price of a D4 or buy a D4.

I am curious to see the final specs of the rumored, new to be announced (later this year perhaps) D800s. Reported to have sRaw I would like to know what the MP of the sRaw is. If they can make the sRaw at 24Mp or 16MP, than that could be a useful solution and could solve this when I need to upgrade. I do use the Raw regularly, especially outdoors for highlight recovery in dynamic range, so the MP of the Raw is important to ease the workflow faster over hundreds of photos.

I will not sell my D700 anyway. It still working as well as the day I bought it. As I need 2 cameras anyway, one for backup for event coverage. However which I use, depends on the needs of the day.  D700 performs great so far. Having a few upgrades with modest increase in MP, including HD video could be useful as well.

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