what to replace my old rig with...

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Re: what to replace my old rig with...

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My beloved d2x and d2hs were stolen this morning. After many years of service, they are gone. My question to all who care to respond is what do i replace them with? keeping in mind price is a concern and pro build was a favorite. I have not kept up with new models or used availability as i thought they would keep me satiated for years to come. I liked 8fps but shooting at iso 1600+ without having to nail the exposure is exciting. Thanks in advance...

Sorry about your loss(es) but, time to join the twentieth century. A lot has happened since those relics were new. I might not have even been born yet. Maybe

Have to be careful there toomanycanons when you're shooting off! It happens to be the twenty first century.

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Holy Carp, you're right.  I was thinking of when I was shooting with my D40!  Time does indeed march on.  Better reset my calendars!

Lol. Too funny...

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