What's wrong with legend EF 70-200 F/4 IS USM ?

Started Mar 29, 2014 | Discussions thread
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petercerveny New Member • Posts: 1
What's wrong with legend EF 70-200 F/4 IS USM ?

I own this lens for 5 years and it was realy enjoy to use it.

But last time I noticed lost of sharpnes, especially on 200m.

Brought to Canon service (there is only one Canon service in Slovakia!)

They exchanged IS module and I paid 286 euros for repair.

Saddly, there is no improvement in sharpnes and it looks problem is someweher else.

Whe I rotate lens, there is moving one of lens elemenst ( about 1mm) as shown on the picture

It doesn't look OK.

here are some somples - it is whole image reduced to 1600pix , no enlargements needed as blur is so obvious:

EF 70-200 F 4.0 - really bad

Look at left corner - there is V instead of light dot

EF 70-200 F 8.0 - center little bit improved but borders still bad

Here is only for comparison picture from very old EF 75-300 USM ot 205mm - wide open(F5.0)

Here is picture of moving element.

Before I will visit service again I would like to know if enybody had siilar experience.


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