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Re: Can you still embed photos to DPR???

Ray Sachs wrote:

I can't figure out how to anymore. With the old version (still active early yesterday), you could click on the individual photo you wanted, right click to choose the size you wanted, right click again and select "copy image URL", and paste it into a DPR post. DPR would recognize the code and give you the option to embed the photo.

Now, you can't seem to get to the various sizes to view - only to download to your own computer. And they have about five different options for copying links, but NONE of them work with DPR, as far as I can tell...

Has anyone found a way to link from the new photo pages? I moved all of my stuff over to an account last weekend (there WAS a utility that automatically moved all of your stuff, but THAT seems to not work now either, according to some who've tried it). Both sites make it easy to grab a BBCode that I need for linking to another group of forums I spend time on. But NEITHER make it easy or even possible (AFAICT) to link directly to DPR anymore...

This sucks. If anyone has found some way to link that I've missed, please let me know. As is, I may have to look for yet ANOTHER service so I can link to the various forums I hang out on...

Wait, may have found a way - test to see if this is a full size image:

OK, that works. It's a minor PIA, but you can copy this string out of the "thumb-tack" copy option:

"" and it'll work...

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I haven't been able to find a way to get a URL that works to post to a Photo forum!

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